Winter Sun Dreams

If, like me, you’re a fan of the exciting things that happen during the autumn and winter (like Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas) but you’re not a fan of what I call the ‘endless grey’ and the cold of the UK skyline, then perhaps some winter sun would be right up your street.

Places I’d like to visit during the winter (when it’s out of peak season so you can actually get near places!) are:


With it’s blue-domed and whitewashed buildings, steeped in history, this is somewhere I’d love to explore.



I’d love to do the whole Disneyworld/theme park thing- just not in the height of season. During the winter might provide the perfect time to visit.



I’ve actually been to Barcelona before, but only on a day trip and I was that severely hung over from the previous night, that I didn’t really take it all in. I’ve kicked myself ever since!

The Balearics

Had to be in there somewhere right?! As you know, I fell in love with Ibiza when I visited, so of course I’d love to return. I’d also love to see what the other islands have to offer.

I could probably go on for hours, but I won’t! Winter sun isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Some actually like the cold and would prefer to go skiing or visit places like Norway or Lapland (although, I confess, Lapland and Iceland are also places on my Wanderlust Wishlist!).

So… you’ve chosen your destination, you’ve booked your holiday. Great. Except for one thing…airport parking. It’s SO expensive! For example, Manchester airport charge a whopping £38 per day for their parking if not booked in advance! Just to have your car sitting still for a couple of weeks in the same place!
Luckily, if you’re planning a trip, I’ve teamed up with SkyParkSecure , an airport parking price comparison site, to offer my readers up to 20% off their airport parking with code MMM20.
Fantastic! What are you waiting for? Book your winter sun break today!

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