Not Your Average Sunday Dinner!

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Aubergine & Courgette Parmigiana Twist








Last night’s dinner was something quite unexpected in terms of flavour for me. Instead of the obligatory Sunday Roast, I opted for something a little more Mediterranean-definitely NOT your average Sunday dinner- Chicken Parmigiana. Only, I didn’t quite follow the recipe verbatim…

I found the original recipe here Then I tweaked a little.

The obvious thing I did was to add the chicken breast (although this recipe would have been equally yummy left as a vegetarian option). I also didn’t add the breadcrumbs (trying to stay healthier remember!), I added Italian Herbs and I used Cheddar as I didn’t have any Mozzarella. The only other thing I added was a tin of good old baked beans. Not only did they help to bulk the meal out some more, they took away some of the tartness of the tomato sauce, resulting in a creamier, milder flavour with added fibre and protein!

The end result? AMAZEBALLS! I don’t often use words like that (I’m an ex English teacher, it’s not in my nature!), but it really was! I can only imagine how much nicer it’ll be when I use Mozzarella next time!

4 thoughts on “Not Your Average Sunday Dinner!

  1. Kim

    Looks yummy, I might change the chicken for Quorn pieces though…. Off chicken lol. Still shocked at you trying new veggies!!!

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