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Being A Good Cook 101: Take A Perfectly Good Recipe & Find A Way To Make It Better


I know there are many other perfectly decent recipe websites out there for gathering and storing recipes you’d like to try; I just haven’t finished working my way through BBC Good Food…yet! This whole new world of flavours and ingredient combinations has left me hungry for more (pun intended!).

I was supposed to share this recipe review with you at the beginning of the week, however, fate appears to have conspired against me to prevent me from doing so. After several trips to the doctors and one to A&E, it looks extremely likely I have gallstones. That on top of the other health conditions I have developed this year has thus far made 2015 pretty unappealing. Anyway, that’s a whole other topic!

Right, back to the recipe I discovered. Browsing through the BBC Good Food website (anyone would think I was being paid to review the site!! Now there’s a plan…!) I came across a recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Pasta Bake. It looked good, so I added it to my weekly menu plan and shopped accordingly (something else I’ve never actually done before).

For the first time, I looked at the recipe and thought, how can I sneak even more vegetable-goodness into this dish? I then headed over to my freezer to see if there was anything I could throw in (the chuck-it-in method is hard to break!). I found I had some cauliflower and petis pois left, so I added them to the recipe.

My absolute favourite part of this recipe was the infused milk. I had never heard of doing this before but what a great way to get a garlic flavour into something without ending up with your eyes watering because you’ve bitten into a chunk of well disguised garlic! The whole thing was packed with flavour and was utterly demolished by both me and Phoebe! I also (as part of my trying to become ultra organised) froze the leftovers and labelled them! Go me! I cannot wait to get this treat out of the freezer again!

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8 thoughts on “Nomness & Organisation! ~ Recipe Review

  1. Rachel C

    This is exactly what we have for dinner tonight – the cauliflower and broccoli is cooking right now! It’s a favourite in this house – I make a huge dish of it every fortnight and then freeze the leftovers, so we’ve always got a few tubs for ’emergency meals’.

    1. Laura Post author

      How strange is that! I’m not a particularly organised person normally. So this idea of batch cooking is quite a novelty for me to do. I always mena to do it, I just never seem to get round to doing it lol. x

    1. Laura Post author

      It tastes even better than it looks. I was expecting it to be a bit bland if I’m honest, but it really was delicious! Thank you for commenting 🙂 x

  2. Charlotte

    I bet Elsa would like this. I’m trying to experiment with cooking a bit more recently. I’m a bit of a something-and-chips chef usually so I’m trying to actually cook proper meals from now on. I also need to get better at using leftovers up. I tend to chuck everything in the bin!

    1. Laura Post author

      Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂 I was exactly like you with regards to cooking. I was always on some sort of diet though that the rest of my family couldn’t really eat, so they used to get freezer food most of the time. I did very little actual cooking. So far, the cooking I have done, my 4 year old has mostly loved!

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