Mini Makeover With Valspar Paint!

As a private home renter, I think I’ve been pretty lucky with my landlady. She gave me free reign to make her home feel like my home. Something that is apparently a bit of a rarity amongst landlords. With dark carpets and magnolia walls, the house was of a typical rental standard. I had an almost blank canvas to work with.
One thing I really didn’t want to do was to start splashing out on lots of wallpapers and furnishings for somewhere that didn’t belong to me forever. It felt like I would be throwing my money away. This was with the exception of the porch and the downstairs loo.
I’m not sure that either have been touched (apart from the magnolia paint on the walls in the downstairs loo) since the house was built. The original wooden front door and all surrounding paintwork was a combination of 70’s/80’s brown and orange and the downstairs toilet was just grim.

Before Painting…





IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0108

Luckily for me, the wonderful people at Valspar Paint came to my rescue. They were kind enough to give me two vouchers to get me some wood and metal paint and some emulsion. I promptly went down to my local B&Q store where I was pleasantly surprised by the professional-looking Valspar desk and colour picker display. I am not kidding, there was every sort of colour you could imagine all sorted into colour groups and tones. It was so pretty!
I eventually settled on Nana’s Pearls in a silk finish for the emulsion and a gorgeous vintage green colour (apologies, I lost the little card with its name on!) in a satin finish for the wood and metal paint.

Make no mistake, I am not an interior designer, and I have very little experience of DIY, so to a ‘trained eye’ my efforts probably look shocking! However, I did them myself and I am proud of my achievements!
Before applying any paint, I gave the woodwork a rub down with sandpaper and brushed away any dust/dirt. This makes the overall finish look better. I know that a professional would have spent time also filling in any imperfections and probably undercoating too, but I was a little too eager to get rid of that awful colour!

After Painting…






I don’t know about you, but even though the masonry work still needs painting, I really think the woodwork looks a million times better than it did. The white gloss door frames against the gorgeous green colour, really makes the porch seem lighter and fresher. The paint was very easy to apply and took two coats to cover perfectly. I’ll post an update once I’ve finally got round to painting the brickwork as I’m sure it’ll look like I’ve moved again once that’s done!

IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0182 IMG_0183

I really love how the downstairs loo turned out. I think the pale pink has given it a real warmth and fits with the retro (that’s what I’m calling it anyway!) suite and accessories. That coupled with the satin finish to the paint and it seems brighter and much fresher in there too. I added an artificial plant to hide the water metre and a couple of wall hangings to add detail. All that’s left for me to brighten up in there now is the woodwork. I shall be doing that in the new year though!

Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the paint. It was easy to apply, had virtually no odour and dried quickly. I shall definitely not hesitate to use Valspar Paint again.

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