Making Glamdust Mama Work and Starting Again!

I’m sorry…again…

For those of you who are reading some of my work for the first time, this won’t mean that much to you. However, if I am lucky enough for you to be a regular reader of my work, then I am here (yet again!) to apologise to you for having left it so long between posts (again).

I began this blog as Mind Mood Mommy back in 2015 following the breakup of my marriage to my ex husband. It served as a form of therapy and helped me to begin my journey of recovery from mental illness.

The last 18 or so months have been so far from a recovery process for me and I found myself feeling worse than before I began Mind Mood Mommy. I had hit rock bottom…again. I was so far detached from the person I thought I was, that I once again didn’t recognise the person looking back at me in the mirror.

The last two weeks have been an eye opener for me on various levels and they have forced me to take a long, hard look at myself in the mirror and the person I was becoming. To be honest, I didn’t like her.

A friend of mine is a Spiritual Counsellor. She sat me down and helped me come to terms with a lot of things. The thing she helped me with the most is to accept who I am, flaws and all. That it’s ok not to fit it, that it’s not a bad thing to be different.


This has led me to really think about where I want to go in life and how I want to get there. The following list is far from being comprehensive, however, it’s a start.

  • Make a success of Glamdust Mama
  • Be more consistent in my life
  • Reconnect more with my girls
  • Meditate and explore my spiritual journey (something I’ve always been too afraid of doing)
  • Continue on my healthy lifestyle journey and to improve my fitness.
  • Make the house that I currently live in a proper home for my family

Those are my aims for the remainder of this year and by this time next year, I’d like to have most of them completed. There, I’ve committed to it in black and white. I have to do it now!

The difficult part will be the how. I know the what, but the how I’m going to achieve it part is going to be much harder!

Wish me luck!

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