Making A New House Feel Like Home

Moving home is a big deal. There is just so much to organise, it can be easy to get so wrapped up in the moving part, that once you’re in, you can be left feeling a little lost and deflated.
I’ve got a couple of tips to help make moving less stressful and to help you make your new house feel like home once you’re in!

Make Lists & Stick To Them!

I can’t stress the importance of planning enough. Moving house is a minefield for the unprepared. Write a list of companies you need to notify of your move, make sure that you plan for any ‘admin fees’ or re-installation charges so you’re not left out of pocket. Have a rough idea of how you want moving day to run, organise the people helping you move- don’t assume people will know what they’re doing!


Measure your sofa and other large furniture items. Make sure they will fit in your new home; and not just in the room they’re going in, but through the front door! Nothing adds to moving day stress more than desperately trying to get your sofa in through an upstairs window!

De-Clutter Your Life

Moving house is the perfect time to really decide what you want to keep and what is just taking up space in your home. Giving to charity is the perfect way to de-clutter and to do something good at the same time!


On moving day, it’s a good idea to put the relevant boxes in the relevant rooms so you don’t have to almost move twice!

Once you’re in your new home, there are a few things that will help it feel like home.


For me, once the house has had a thorough deep clean, it already starts to feel a little more like home. Getting rid of stubborn smells that are residual from the previous owners or freshening bathrooms and kitchens is the foundation for a fab home. Zoflora can help here! Use neat outside or diluted inside to get rid of bacteria and for a lasting, pleasant scent.


Update Your Home Furnishings

It’s probably inevitable that you will need things like curtains and carpets, but what about little things like tea towels and oven gloves? People often overlook things like this and ‘make do’, a house move is the perfect opportunity to update the little things. Something like this oven glove from Proud & Co┬áis perfect!

IMG_0094 IMG_0091

Smells Like Home

I am a big fan of familiar smells. From washing detergents to scented candles, I’d hate my home to smell anything less than pleasant. Amphora sent me a little welcome gift for my new home in the form of this:

This lovely Rosemary and Thyme aromatherapy candle is designed to not only make your home smell great, but also to revive and stimulate your senses! The scent of this particular candle isn’t something I would ordinarily have opted for, but it is quite a refreshing scent, perfectly suited to put in the kitchen.

Find Little Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

I probably do most things the way that most people do them. I do, however, have a little gem of a tip for keeping your brushed chrome products tarnish-free. Rather than investing in a lot of polish products that inevitably don’t work, rub a tiny bit of baby oil on to your brushed chrome. It gets rid of any water marks or tarnishes.
I also find that if your stainless steel sink becomes watermarked, putting a little bit of laundry liquid on it and rinsing it well seems to revive it brilliantly!

I could probably go on forever with little tips and tricks, but I’d love to hear your advice/hacks instead!

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