Life Is Just Better With Cake!

There aren’t many people I know that don’t like cake. I mean, what could possibly be better than coming home and having a nice cup of tea and a cake? I couldn’t quite believe my luck when these babies arrived at my door:

WP_20150414_12_54_21_ProNot only are they Mr Kipling, it included two of my all-time favourite cakes: French Fancies and Cherry Bakewell Tarts! I know those of you who are following my journey are about to start screaming “What about Slimming World? Think, woman, think!”…don’t panic, French Fancies are 5.5 syns each and Cherry Bakewells are 10.5 syns. So I can quite legitimately have tea and cake with zero guilt!

When Phoebe saw the boxes, I saw her eyes light up too! She immediately piped up “Can I have a pink one please mummy? They’re soooo yummy!” (as it happens, she’s polished them all off now!).

That got me thinking, cake is such a huge part of people’s lives isn’t it? From birthday and wedding cakes, to the “ahhh peace at last, right, where’s the cake?!” cake. It’s pretty much part of every day life. As some of you know, I love baking too, I always have, and now Phoebe loves nothing more than to “help” make things too.

Copyright Laura Harris 2015- All rights reserved.

Copyright Laura Harris 2015- All rights reserved.

These Minion cookies were given to her as a gift in one of those pre-made boxes that help children to make things almost independently. She had a great time making them and spent ages making sure the dough was just the right thickness (in fact, I’m pretty sure she would have measured it if she could!).

WP_20140906_17_23_12_Pro 1

Copyright Laura Harris, All Rights Reserved.

She also loves to play with fondant (sugarpaste). She says it’s just like PlayDoh, well, she’s not wrong! This is what she created along side me when I was making a birthday cake for someone. I don’t think her rendition of Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine is too bad, considering she’s only four!

WP_20140613_12_03_52_Pro (1)

Copyright Laura Harris, All Rights Reserved.

Phoebe made this pirate cupcake at nursery last summer- she couldn’t wait to get home and eat it!


Copyright Laura Harris, All Rights Reserved.


Copyright Laura Harris, All Rights Reserved.


Copyright Laura Harris, All Rights Reserved.

Phoebe seems to enjoy baking almost as much as I do, and if I can fuel her passion for it (whilst ‘sampling’ them to ensure they’re not bad!), I will, and who knows, maybe she’ll be entering the GBBO one day!

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  1. Striking Mum

    Do love to see children getting into the kitchen and my children love baking and creating too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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