Let It Go…

Enough Is Enough

When I began this blog I was adamant that I wasn’t going to diet any more. Then somewhere along the line I let the ‘diet’ back in to my life and a whole world of guilt, confusion and worry along with it. Those were the very things I set out to extinguish from my life for good. I broke a promise to myself which is something I never thought I’d do. I’m not talking about a shallow promise here either, I’m talking about an actual, proper promise; and I’ve broken it.

So What Now?

I’ve done yet more soul searching and I’ve decided that the original promise I made to myself is still one I want to keep. I am therefore going to renew the promise to myself. I am no longer going to diet. No more counting calories, weighing, measuring, but similarly, no more ‘free food’, points or syns.

The Plan

Once again, back to basics. Healthy eating, sensible portions, more movement. Sound simple? That’s because it is. Cooking from scratch so I know what goes in to my food, watching how much of said food goes on to my plate and into my mouth and making sure I move as much as I can! I’m hoping that will make for success both on the scales (which, by the way, will only be making an outing once a month, not once a week!) and in the mind.

My Promise(s)

  1. No more obsessing over a number of a set of scales.
  2. No more being so self critical
  3. No more binge eating
  4. No more guilt

I promise to (somehow) learn to love myself so that I may allow others to love me properly too. I know it’ll be a bumpy road; it has been thus far, but I know I’ll get there in the end. I am, however, absolutely determined that this is the end of the road for dieting. I enjoy cooking healthy meals, I enjoy discovering new recipes. What I need to do now, is adapt some of the less healthy meals (like not cooking with oil, for example) so that they are the healthiest for me and make sure I find the time (and resources) to exercise more.

I’m hoping that you lovely readers (I’m hoping there’s more than one of you!) will continue to join me on my journey. Thank you for sticking with me until now!

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