I’m Back!

I feel a bit like I ought to re-introduce myself! I don’t feel like I’ve blogged for a very long time! The last few weeks have seen some huge changes in my life. I packed up 13 years worth of my life and moved from a flat into my first house.
There are many complicated reasons I decided to move, but the thing that swayed me was Phoebe repeating her wish from last year from Father Christmas; a garden. We now have one. It’s a work-in-progress but it’s a garden and it’s a start.
Despite having seemingly falling off the face of the blogging planet, I have actually been busy behind the scenes with reviews and ideas for new posts. Hopefully now all the craziness of moving is over, I’ll be able to have time to sit down and get back to blogging about them all!
Just before the move, Esmé was lucky enough to be asked (via me, of course!) to review Fisher Price’s Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter


The scooter is a great little toy that is designed to grow with your child. With 3 different levels, it helps your child learn letters & numbers, colours, shapes and opposites. There are also two volume settings on the interactive dashboard. One of Esme’s favourite things so far is to press the horn button (it has a variety of horn sounds)!


There was virtually no assembly required, which was nice; all I had to do was put some batteries in and we were away! All the stickers were already applied so there was no danger of putting them in the wrong place.



At the moment Esmé only appears to be able to scoot backwards, she hasn’t learnt the forwards motion just yet! That certainly hasn’t stopped her having a lot of fun with it though!




The only thing that I would say is that despite it being designed for 12-36 months, if Esmé turns out to be as tall as her sister at 3, the scooter will be too small for her to ride! Other than that, it’s a fantastic toy made by a well known and trusted brand.

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