Hopes, Dreams and Wishlists

With my latest phase of insomnia, comes plenty of time to daydream and imagine my life in many different scenarios. I thought I’d share some of these with you, both the realistic and the plain old insane!

Lottery Win

Should I ever be lucky enough to win the ‘big’ lottery jackpot, I would most definitely first of all ensure that none of my close family or friends ever had to worry about money again. After that? Well…

For my UK residence, waking up somewhere with a view like this would be a good start…
blooming-640440_1920Being able to sit on a patio like this on a warm summer evening…


Driving around in this bad boy…


and storing my dramatically enhanced collection of shoes in a walk in shoe room (or closet to my American readers!).

I would also make this a regular pastime…


Then, of course, there’s my overseas home! I love the Mediterranean lifestyle so I would probably head somewhere there.

Something like this would be heaven…


My spiritual home of Ibiza would play a prominent part in my life- I’d love to spend about half the year over there (out of season!), exploring and integrating into such a wonderful way of life.

Now as money is no object here, I would also love to take my girls here…


To see their faces at seeing so many magical and enchanting things would just make my life complete!

After that, I would travel the world with them and immerse them in as many cultures and positive experiences as I could.

As far as things I would do for myself and my family, that would be pretty much it. One thing I have always said I would do if I won huge sums of money is donate to a maternity unit (or, money permitting, build one!). I would also spend oodles of time carrying out charity work, helping people in any way that I could.

If you won a life-altering sum of money, what would you do with it?

One thought on “Hopes, Dreams and Wishlists

  1. Blogging Mummy

    I LOVE the range rover in white think this would be on my wish list too. I so often think about if money were no object what Id love to buy and do. People say money doesn’t buy you happiness but it can flipping well help lol. x

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