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Milestones and Firsts

As Esmé approaches her second birthday, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on her milestones and ‘firsts’. From her outgrowing her cot and moving into a ‘big girl bed’, to beginning the idea of potty training, Esmé is certainly at an important age for personal growth.

Petits Filous

The lovely people over at Britmums have been running a competition in association with Petits Filous for parents to share their little ones’ firsts, to coincide with the promotion of My First Petits Filous. At the moment, these yogurts are proving to be pretty elusive as I can’t seem to find anywhere that stocks them in my local area (they must be VERY popular!). I shan’t give up though, I’d really like Esmé to try them as she loves yogurt and Petits Filous!


Let Them Be Children

Whilst there are a multitude of milestones that Esmé is undertaking at the moment, sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. One of the most poignant in my mind is Esmé taking new risks at the park. Nothing major in the grand scheme of life, but it warms my heart to see her being brave and working out the best way to tackle any problems she encounters.

I am very conscious of not doing everything for her and allowing her to make her own mistakes. I believe in today’s society, there are so many parents too scared to let their children be adventurous. They’re there every single step of the way around the park or the play centre. They’re behind them, shadowing them in everything they do. Whilst I’m not criticizing them for making sure their children are safe (of course, I ensure my children are safe at all times), I do think that not allowing them to fall every once in a while doesn’t help them to become independent.

At the park the other day, Esmé took on the challenge of climbing up the slide by herself. She looked to me for guidance the first time, so I showed her how to do it. The second time, I supported her loosely and the third time onward, she did it by herself. I felt such a rush of pride that she had learnt how to do something and wasn’t afraid of trying it.

2016-05-27-21-48-24 2016-05-27-21-48-51

As you can see by the look of sheer excitement and satisfaction on her face, she was as pleased as I was!

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