My Favourite Holiday Memory

Trying to choose just one photo for the Go Compare My Holiday Memories Competition has proven far more difficult than I was expecting! As a hobby photographer, I LOVE taking pictures whenever I can, and holidays are my opportunity to go wild!

I finally decided on this photo because it was my eldest daughter’s first proper holiday abroad. We went to Ibiza and that was where my (slight) obsession with the place began.

Copyright Laura Harris. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Laura Harris. All Rights Reserved.

The picture shows just how much fun she was having as a recently 1 year old toddler. Seeing how much she loved playing in the sand and how much fun she was about to have splashing in the bucket of water, brings a smile to my face every time I see it!

This year, I’ve got Esmé too. We aren’t going abroad this year (unless the Lottery is kind to me!), but we are going on a UK break with some friends, so hopefully there’ll be plenty more memories made!

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