A Newbie in the Blogging World, A Newbie in the Kitchen…

So I had this great idea that I would cook everything (as far as possible) from scratch from now on. Fantastic I hear you say; well, it would be, if only I had the foggiest idea as to what I was doing.

Until now, my cooking method has been the same as my mum’s (sorry mum!): Chuck-it-in-the-pan-and-hope-for-the-best! The difference being, that my mum actually has a pretty good pallet and (apart from custard and gravy- we still don’t know why!) her dinners are delicious. I have only ever followed recipes when baking something new. It never actually occurred to me to use the ‘interwebs’ to find new meal ideas! The result? Monotonous dinners, bland flavours and an unhappy, unhealthy attitude to food.

As a newly single mum (no, he didn’t leave me because I couldn’t cook!), I decided it was time to be more adventurous. I began to look online for new recipes to try and for ways to get more vegetables into my extremely anti-vegetable 4 year old. I was amazed with what I found and I was even more amazed with how my dinners began to taste! I found that my portion sizes were naturally smaller because they were so much more flavourful. That got me thinking…was it possible to lose weight by not dieting anymore?

Well here I am. I set up my blog in the hopes that writing my journey down, where people could see it, would help me stay on track and not revert to bad habits. I’m only at the beginning, but I’m so excited (as well as petrified!) to see how it all ends!

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